Angela-Rodenburgh-Marketing-Award-IAPD-Redwood-PlasticsWe are very proud of our client, Redwood Plastics for their recent wins at the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) convention in San Diego. Not only did they take gold in the Education Circle of Champions, but they also won the Gold Marketing Excellence Award.

“Redwood Plastics Corporation engaged in numerous activities that helped promote plastics as well as the company’s own expertise, as well as revitalized their website with a new layout and design. Their most successful campaign of the year was their “More than sheet, rod and tube” promotion, which highlighted their finished parts and fabrication/machining capabilities without taking away the availability of stock shapes. Representatives from the company provided articles for two IAPD publications, The IAPD Magazine and the Designing with Plastics e-newsletter, as well as presented a well-attended e-training webinar. The company also is engaged with social media, blogging, promoting its affiliation with IAPD, issuing press releases and more.”

Way to go Redwood! We’re proud to be part of your success!