It’s not enough to just be online, it’s important that you are seen. So what are the best ways to ensure your ideal customers see you? Here’s our top 4 tips.

  1. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

You have already posted great content on your blog. You’ve taken the time and energy and shared some of your top shelf advice and hacks. Now what? Well, after at least six months, feel free to rework your existing content. If you wrote a blog, create a video or elaborate with a white paper. Design an infographic. Update the stats with more recent info. This way, what was once old is new again.

  1. Paid Ads

Not all paid ads are bad. If you are strategically targeting your ideal clients, with just a few dollars, you can go a long way. Social media ads are extremely targeted and can sometimes cost just a few bucks (depending). The more specific you are with your target audience or your keywords, the better your ROI will be. And the best part of online advertising is the fluidity – if something doesn’t appear to be yielding the results you want, you can change things around or even break your budget into different buckets for A-B testing.

  1. Social Media is Here to Stay

Once you know your ideal customer, you know what social media platforms they’re using. Once you know where they are, be sure to focus your time and efforts on those sites. Listen to what they want (by monitoring comments and likes) and be sure to share highly useful information. Don’t forget – social media is about community so be sure to engage and interact with your audience.

  1. Keeping Sales at a Minimum

Remember there is a time and place to sell things, and social media is not always the best. Your customers want to engage with you through social media so if you’re always pushing your products or services, they will stop listening (i.e. unfollow and definitely unlike).