GS Sales Case Study

GS Sales Case Study

Just like people, every company has a unique personality. At Ladderup, we understand that your company has different marketing needs, and that you will need a custom made approach to reach your goals. In the first of a series of case studies, we take a look at the website redesign for GS Sales, a plastics manufacturing sales company.

First, a little background. GS Sales sells plastic stock shapes, fabricated parts, and welding equipment from some of the world’s best manufacturers of plastic materials. They are a family business run by George Southard, a plastics sales expert with over 30 years in the business.

George’s company is a local organization with a global approach. He sells and distributes product for some of the world’s leading plastics manufacturing companies, while at the same time handling all of the sales and customer service himself, while his wife Connie takes care of the books.

George came to us needing a new website and social media strategy. Because of his B2B customer base, George needed a website that was clean and informative, while at the same time focusing on the product he’s selling. He needed a website that was lean, effective, and efficient – much like his company.



GS Sales Before

The old website was clunky and confusing, with messy code and a confusing layout. We came up with a plan that would clean up the site, and give George’s customers and distributors something awesome to look at and engage with.

We converted the site from a costly CMS system to a wordpress platform. With this conversion and some sleek graphic design elements, we streamlined the navigation, made changes to content to increase SEO, and added social media platforms to showcase the work and create leads.

The new platform made it easier for clients to find information on the products distributors, and also allowed for increased engagement by providing resources and access to platforms that are plugged into the plastics manufacturing unique community around the world.



GS Sales After

After the unveiling of the new site, we began to see the benefits immediately. A higher engagement ratio with a positive bounce rate allowed visitors for a greater experience. Optimized for mobile, the site also allowed potential customers to get in touch quickly.

The new blogging platform allowed for fresh content to be generated on the site on an ongoing basis. This increased the SEO rankings of the site, and allowed for better searchability on the web.

The result? A customized site based on the unique needs of our customer.

Not All Sites Are Created Equal

We understand that each customer is unique based on their market and their needs. Our goal is to understand what your needs are, and develop a strategy to help you create something beautiful that works. Feel free to call or email us to discuss our range of services to help you today.